Tips for Weight Loss in One Week

Tips for Weight Loss in One Week without Exercise – You might wonder about weight loss in one week without exercise. That’s sound impossible, even in small portion. Main purpose of exercise is to reduce excessive calorie in body due to extreme consumption of foods. Fats are burned through physical movement such as athletic, sport, yoga, etc.

However, exercise is not the main way to get better weight. Many experts said that food and lifestyle take much portion in diet. Is one week eligible to lose weight? You do not have to worry because some tips below are effective to be implemented. You may not get significant result, but the progress is exceptionally excellent.

Tips for Weight Loss in One Week without Exercise

Tips for Weight Loss in One Week without Exercise

Food control

Firstly, you need to control the food intake. Calorie is the result of food from digestive process. When eating carbohydrate or sugar, calorie is easily to produce. On contrary, it takes longer when foods contain high-protein. Eating based on what you need in daily life. There is chart to know how much calorie to take in one day based on many variables.

For example, children and teen are required to consume much calorie which comes from protein for growth. Women and men have differences in calorie needs. The key of weight loss in one week without exercise is to maintain balance between what you eat. Excessive calorie will turn into fat then stored under skin. Well, you should consume more vegetables and fruits to get mineral and vitamins.

Drink water

More than fifty percent of body tissue is water. For this reason, you need to put water as one way for weight loss in one week without exercise. Drinking enough alter will keep your body from gaining weight due to excessive calorie. Moreover, water is able to support metabolism effectively.

Besides fresh water, some liquids are good to enhance diet program. People consume green tea as herbal to reduce the weight. Besides, some juices and extract are excellent to keep body in good shape. Besides good drink, some beverages are prohibited due to high-calorie and sugar. In one week, do not drink any alcohol, coffee, and soda beverages.

Excellent mental condition

Great body comes with excellent mind. Besides physical matter, you need to consider mental condition to support diet program. Having good sleep is good starting point. Emotional control is difficult when you are in stress condition. In this case, do the refreshing and enjoyable activities.

Weight loss in one week without exercise cannot turn into proper result when your mind is full of blizzard. Try to enjoy program step by step then see the excellent result at the end of the week.

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