Recommended Exercises for Lower Abs at Home

Recommended Exercises for Lower Abs – Lower abs is considered as the hardest part of your abdomen area that cannot be shaped easily. Fortunately, you can do some recommended exercises for lower abs that allows you to reshape this body part easily.

People do exercises for two main reasons. Aside from making their body in a good shape, it is also good for keeping their body healthy. When consuming healthy food is not enough anymore, you need to do exercises as well. Do the following exercises to help you getting perfect lower abs.

Recommended Exercises for Lower Abs that You Can Do at Home

Best Exercise For You Lower Abs

Heel tap

The first recommended exercise that will help you to create perfect abs is called as heel tap. Lie down on your back and put your hand next to your butt. Raise your leg slowly and bend your knee. Keep the knee on 90-degree angle. It is the initial position. Once you are in this position, slowly let your heel tap the ground. Use your lower abs muscle to raise your legs up again to the initial position. Repeat this exercise movement on constant speed.


The next exercise movement may need further explanation. Scissor is considered as part of the exercises for lower abs that require the flexibility of your body and endurance. Start with lie down on your back. Put your hand on your head while trying to lift it. However, keep your shoulder touches the ground. Raise one leg straight up vertically while keeping the other straight horizontally. Repeat the kicking alternately while maintaining the position of your head.

Straight leg raise

The name of this exercise movement is self-explaining. As it goes with previous movement, you need to start it by lie down on your back. Put your hand next to your bottom. Raise both of your legs slowly until it straight right up and forms 90-degree angle. Lower down both of your legs slowly until it touches the ground. Keep the movement of this exercise in constant speed. This exercise is not recommended if you experience pain on your lower back.

The best part about those exercises is that you do not need to use any other equipment. You can do that on your own at home. The assistance of fitness instructor may not necessary here. As you can see from the list of exercises for lower abs above, the motion is focused on your lower abs. The simple yet powerful movement you do on the exercise will reshape your lower abs into its perfect shape.

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