Nutritional Value of Green Beans for Weight Loss – Most Crucial Features for Dieters

Nutritional Value Of Green Beans for Weight Loss – When it comes to weight loss, a dieter has to go through such tricky process. It includes eating the recommended foods and avoiding certain foods. Among the recommended foods is green bean. According to some research, nutritional value of green beans has been proven to be effective. This vegetable is not only full of essential nutrients but also very supportive to your diet program. Although it may be one of the most hate vegetables by kids but adults will love eating it in daily basis.

 Nutritional Value of Green Beans for Weight Loss

The truth is green beans contain various features that can be really effective in shaping your waistline. In other words, it can really lose your weight. It gets even better because the green beans are very affordable. So, you can put them into your every day’s meal plan. Here is the list of the nutrients inside green beans that can help you losing weight.

Nutrients Value of Green Beans

High Fiber

As most vegetables, nutrients value of green beans is high in fiber content. They are even so fibrous. The studies even show that a cup of green beans can provide 12% of recommended daily fiber. With high fiber, it can make you to feel full longer and prevent you from eating unwanted cravings. This means it can help you cut off some calorie intake which will affect your waistline. At the same time, it also helps to maintain good blood sugar level, remove toxins, promote digestive health and clean out the intestines.

Complex Carbs

Nutritional value of a green beans is recommended also because of its complex carbs content. This content can help to cut down the insulin amount that is produced by your pancreas. Insulin is strongly related to fat storage. So when the insulin amount in your body is reduced, then so is the fat. As a result, the chances of you losing more weight are greatly improve.

Low Calories

Being low in calorie, green bean makes the perfect snack for dieters. If you eat one cup of green bean, you will only eat 31 calories. This is a very small amount that can be great news for your diet program. Therefore, every time you feel for wanting snack, boil some green bean and eat it while watching TV.

High Magnesium

Here is another great feature from nutritional value of green beans. It is high in magnesium. It makes green bean ideal to be consumed by dieters and non-dieters. Magnesium is essential nutrient which is crucial to maintain the healthy state of muscle heart, heart and also kidney

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