How to Maintain Healthy Weight with Simple and Practical Ways

How to Maintain Healthy Weight with Simple and Practical Ways – Having proportional body affects many aspects. You surely feel confident to stay in public. Besides, good body means healthy. How to maintain a healthy weight? This question has simple answer, but difficult implementation. You may follow diet program to maintain body weight. However, lack of consistency ruins everything. Eventually, you will end up in the same habit and no significant change. The key problem is that you take everything in complicated perspective. There are several methods to maintain body weight without sacrifice your enjoyment. The following part will talk more about that.

How to Maintain Healthy Weight with Simple and Practical Ways


How to Maintain a Healthy Weight After Dieting

1. Food intake

You may ask doctor or dietician about how to maintain a healthy weight. The answer is similar. It starts from food intake. You can stay healthy only with an apple. These words are completely true due to the rich nutrient and compound in apple. The implicit point is food control. You need to eat more protein, vitamin, and mineral. Put more vegetable and fruit in menu then reduce excessive carbohydrate and sugar. People have the weight problem usually because of imbalance between calorie intake and utilization. Having too much calorie is not good for long period. The result is excess fat in skin as the storage room.

2. Regularly exercise

Food intake is enough if you do the regular activity that moves more muscles. The only problem is office-type work with less muscle movement. Regularly exercise is one way to maintain healthy body weight. It has strong relation with balancing metabolism. Exercise consists of several types. You may follow thirty minutes jogging to get flexible muscle. Another way is sport such as football or basketball. Besides heavy physical movement, some exercises are simple by only moving the body, hand, and head around for about ten to thirty minutes.

3. Sleeping

How to maintain a healthy weight? Sleeping is part of the answer. During sleeping, body starts to work harder because your mind is in the idle mode. Sleeping is good to reinvigorate mind and body. Your mind will be clear from stressful condition. Moreover, metabolism is back into the normal state.

4. Emotional control

High-pressure blood is the sign of unhealthy condition. One of factors is lack of emotional control. People with anger issue tend to get diseases related to the blood and heart. Emotional control is the last part to mention, but the key of diet program. Stress enhances body to take much calorie. The result is hunger problem. The last piece of how to maintain a healthy weight is emotional control. Just take vacation and spend more time with family. Moreover, you may need to do hobby that brings your mind in peace

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