How to Know If You Have a Cavity through some Symptoms that Appear

How to Know If You Have a Cavity through some Symptoms that Appear

How to Know If You Have a Cavity – In this section, you will get more information regarding how to know if you have a cavity. As decayed teeth areas, cavity is very common health problem occurred in oral organ that are faced by many people in the world. Treat it immediately before it causes toothache, infection, and total teeth loss.

How to Know If You Have a Cavity

Bad breath and taste

There are some symptoms that may appear as sign of having cavity. If you have bad breath as well as bad taste you should be aware. The bacteria are going to proliferate when the teeth decay are ignored. This condition can make you have bad breath. Following bad breath, there can be bad taste as well. When you notice such problems, you should brush your tongue and teeth regularly. It is better for you to visit dentist as well to check cavity possibility. It may be the sign that cavities need to be filled and cleaned out.

Tooth pain and sensitivity

Another way of how to know if you have a cavity is noticing tooth pain and sensitivity. This kind of pain is often related to cavity. The pain in your tooth usually shows that there is a cavity left untreated. It is important to let your dentist know about this once you are suffering from toothache. Besides, sensitive tooth can be another sign of cavity. When this symptom appears, you will be more sensitive especially when drinking something cold or hot. To alleviate this symptom, you may use special toothpaste for sensitive tooth. However, if it does not help, you should visit dentist immediately.

Dark spots and holes

A cavity can appear as dark spot too on infected tooth. This symptom can happen when cavity has gone without treatment for long time. Moreover, sometimes you probably see that there are holes on your teeth. These holes also indicate that you have cavity. In this case, you better contact your dentist, make appointment and have a visit as soon as possible since the holes need to be filled properly.


Pus is very serious symptom for cavity. It even indicates that there is an abscess. When this symptom appears, you may feel pain, fevers, and swollen glands. This condition urgently requires medical attention. Last but not least, after you understand about how to know if you have a cavity, you better keep your teeth healthy and visit the dentist regularly once within six months. Get the right treatment before it becomes worse.

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