Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening Using Ingredients around You

Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening Using Ingredients around You

Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening – Many people would desire to have whiter teeth these days as the development of cosmetic have given impact to many aspects. They probably are willing to spend billion dollars for whitening products each year. Instead of doing so, you can just try home remedies for teeth whitening with almost no cost to pay because you may already have it at home.

However, to apply home remedies below, you need to give your patience and be persistent in order to restore your teeth whiteness. As the result, you will be able to smile brightly again. What are those beneficial ingredients for teeth whitening? The following is how to make teeth white naturally from yellow.

how to make teeth white naturally from yellow

How to Whiten Teeth at Home in One Day

Coconut oil

The first ingredient to use is coconut oil. This natural ingredient can be used to rinse your mouth or called as oil pulling. It is kind of unique and old remedy. However, people have tried it and it is really helpful as teeth whitener. Even though this way is not pleasant thing to do, but it is worth to try. You should prepare coconut oil as much as one tablespoon for whitening your teeth.

To do it, take 1 tablespoon coconut oil before brushing your teeth at morning. After that, let the oil soften for a while. Once it becomes softer, simply put them into your mouth. The next, you need to push, swish, pull coconut oil around and through your teeth. Do this for about fifteen minutes at maximum. You can spit them out afterwards. Then, rinse it off with water. Do not forget to brush as well.

Baking soda with lemon juice

The next home remedies for teeth whitening are using the combination of baking soda with lemon juice. Baking soda is abrasive ingredient but in mild way. It will be able to gently scrub away the surface stain to return your teeth to white shade. The combination of baking soda with lemon juice will form great mixture as teeth whitener.

What you need to do is mixing some teaspoons baking soda and enough amount of lemon juice to form paste. You will also need a toothbrush. After you mix the ingredient well, use paper towel to wipe teeth and extra saliva on teeth. Then, put the paste onto toothbrush. Apply it to brush your teeth. Rinse it after one minute.

Baking soda with strawberry and salt

The last is the combination of baking soda with strawberries and salt. What you need is three strawberries in large size, one pinch sea salt, and ½ teaspoon baking soda. In order to make home remedies for teeth whitening, mash strawberries first. Add baking soda and salt into it. Apply the mixture onto toothbrush and then use it for brushing teeth. Rinse it after five minutes.

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