Healthy Food To Gain Weight and Muscle

Healthy Food To Gain Weight and Muscle – Besides to losing weight, it adds weight is also a problem for some people. When obese people busy-busy on a strict diet or exercise to burn fat, then for some other people who have a thin body also struggled to gain weight to get the ideal body weight. Genetic factors did play an important role in determining the type of body. muscle mass gainer But that does not mean to underweight cannot gain weight. Here are some tips to increase weight and build muscle mass of the body.
Healthy Food To Gain Weight and Muscle

Increase Calorie Intake

A simple way to gain weight is to increase your calorie intake. Increase your intake of calories on a regular basis, but do not overdo it. Because if too many calories are converted into fat. You can add a menu of eggs, fish, dairy products and meat. In addition, also the consumption of protein-rich foods such as beans, nuts and so on. Starchy foods such as potatoes can also accelerate weight gain ideal.

Expand Snacking Healthy Food sidelines Meals

To gain weight, eat at least 2-3 hours. You can divide the 6 meals with 3 meals a main menu and three meals a snack menu as dried fruit snacks, energy bars, granola, Chikki and laddoo.

Avoid Junk Food

Although want to gain weight, you should avoid various types of junk food like burger or pizza. Because junk food contains a lot of calories and bad fats that are harmful to health. Junk food can indeed gain weight, but the fat instead of muscle to grow is healthy.

Fix Balanced Diet

Inadequate range of nutrients the body to gain weight ranging from protein, starch, vitamins, minerals and so on. Although want to gain weight, you should avoid bad fats such as cooking oil, red meat, margarine and so on.

Do not Drink Before Eating

Drink plenty of water at least a minimum of 8-10 glasses every day. But do not drink before the meal and in between meal because it can reduce the body’s calorie intake.

Weight Training

Sport is very important to gain weight. one of which is weight training. Your muscle mass will be enlarged so the weight also increases. In addition, your body will look fuller and athletic. The best weight training to build muscle mass include the deadlight, squats, barbell rows, bench press, bar dips and pull-ups. Meanwhile, to increase your upper body weight, you can do push-ups, squat to the thigh muscles, standing heel raise for calves, for abdominal crunches and pull-ups for the arms and back.


Supplements are also able to accelerate the process of weight gain, including the enhancer supplements muscle mass and weight gain milk.

If you are too thin, you should not make excessive weight training because it can be a risk of injury such as pain, insomnia, fatigue, and even to depression. Should do weight training gradually from the burden you’re good at first. Well, that’s all the information that can be given in this chance about Healthy Food To Gain Weight and Muscle.

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