Easy Poses of Yoga for Slim Body, Slim Down With Yoga

Easy Poses of Yoga for Slim Body – When it comes for reducing body weight, exercise is the most suggested activity that you should do. Unfortunately, most people feel reluctant to do it since it requires a lot of energy. The alternative solution for this problem is Yoga. Actually, yoga for slim body is already around for centuries. The procedure involves performing particular poses. If you want to get slim body, you need to perform specific pose and hold it for few minutes. At the same time, you also need to breathe properly. It is believed that the pose will help to speed up your metabolism and burn your fat. Here is the list of those poses. weight loss yoga for beginners at home

Easy Poses of Yoga for Slim Body

Weight Loss Yoga for Beginners at Home

1. Crescent Lunge

This pose is not only easy, but also intended to burn fat on your abs. When performing this pose, your legs are spread apart. It also burn the fat accumulated on both of your thighs and hips. Start the pose by standing and then make a bow. Let your palms touch the floor while you stretch your right foot back. Lift your hand and stretch it upward over your head. Do the pose repeatedly. yoga for weight loss beginners

2. Boat Pose

As one pose of yoga for slim body, it is easy to perform. This pose is good for both of your abs and back. As the name suggests, your pose will resemble a boat. You will need a block to support your body. Sit in a way so that your body looks like letter V. Raise up your legs and hold for a moment. Pull your legs toward your chest repeatedly while maintaining your breath. If you have difficulty to do it, you can place supporting block behind your back. yoga for weight loss morning and evening routine

3. Low and High Plank

Planking is easy to perform since all you need to do is hold to specific position for a while. Surprisingly enough, it is also part of yoga for slim body poses. The position resembles a push-up position. However, your knees are touching the floor instead of your palm. Keep your leg straight during this position. It burns fat on multiple sections of your body, including abs, arms, shoulder, as well as upper and back thighs.

4. Bridge Pose

Compared to other poses of this list, bridge pose is challenging. It focuses to burn fat on your thighs and abs. Lie upside with your leg separated. Lift your knees up until your heel touch your bottom. Now lift your hips up. Maintain this yoga for slim body pose for few minutes.

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