Best Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss with Delicious Fruits

Best Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss with Delicious Fruits – Fruits are solution when people start to take care more about body. Majority of fruits are able to be the part of the best juicing recipes for quick weight loss. However, only few of them are on the list. Fruits in the list have smooth texture, but firm. Most of them come from tropical area, so they can be obtaining every year.

Best Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss with Delicious Fruits

Best Juicing Recipes For Quick Weight Loss

1. Mango

Many people regard mango as fruit with highest consumption rate in the world. Mango comes from tropical area, particularly South America then spread into many countries. Making the best juicing recipes for weight loss from mango is simple. You just need juicer then crush this fruit to get the essence. Another way is by cutting it into small pieces then grind with blender. Mango contains rich nutrient to support your body.

2. Banana

When coming into diet program, banana is the right fruit to consume every day. Banana is the most popular fruits from tropical area. You may find mango and papaya, but not as much as banana. It takes less than a year to get banana that’s ready to eat. To make the juicing recipes for weight loss and healthy living, you should get rid of banana skin first. Cut banana into small pieces then put into blender. Pour water to reduce the thickness. Pure banana as juice has not good taste, so some ingredients are needed to improve its flavor. Well, honey is recommended sweetener.

3. Papaya

Smooth and juicy texture is what people like from papaya. Consuming papaya is enough to fill your lunch. For more variation, you may consider to make juice. Prepare fresh papaya. Peel and cut it into small pieces. Put into blender then add water. Papaya is different from banana. This fruit is already sweet and less thickness. You do not need additional ingredients. If you insist to add something, try the other fruits with bold texture such as apple or pear. They will combine into unique and delicious flavor.

4. Honeydew melon

Honeydew melon or honey melon is one of alternatives to enjoy the delicious juice. Actually, this fruit is not from tropical area. Watermelon is too much water, so honeydew melon is good replacement. In Japan, this fruit is categorized into premium and luxury item. People need to pay expensive price to gain high quality of honeydew melon. This is fruit that you will put into the best juicing recipes for weight loss. Making juice from honeydew melon is simple. Just cut this fruit into small pieces then put into blender. Original flavor is already sweet, so you do not need to add sweetener.

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