Here Are Useful Shiny Hair Tips For You

Shiny Hair Tips – Thick hair, long and lustrous is every woman’s dream. Many people try a variety of treatments to get the hair thick and lustrous hair. However, this treatment is usually enough to drain the bag, and the result may not meet your expectations. There are natural ways that can make your hair thick and lustrous; the following Shiny Hair Tips: hair smooth treatment
Here Are Useful Shiny Hair Tips For You

Massaging Scalp

Massaging the head and scalp regularly used coconut oil is one of the best ways to get thicker hair naturally. In addition to coconut oil, you can also use some other oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil and almond oil.

Healthy diet

Just as our bodies to remain healthy, the body needs good food. Our hair also needs a supply of vitamins and minerals, in order to grow longer and thicker. Therefore, it is important to follow a healthy and balanced diet. You must put the fruits and fresh vegetables, nuts, eggs, dairy products and sufficient amount of protein in your diet. You also need to drink water in sufficient quantities to keep your body hydrated.


Shampooing your hair regularly is important, but shampooing too often can make hair dry and removes moisture. Wash your hair every day can make the hair becomes rough, shabby and more vulnerable branched. To dry the hair after shampooing many people have a habit of wrapping the hair with a towel. You really should avoid this habit because it can cause damage to the hair as well as a knot in the hair and the hair becomes matted. Also, do not rub wet hair with a towel because it can open the hair cuticle causes hair becomes frizzy and damaged. After you wash your hair, let it dry itself. Avoid combing hair while still wet, wet hair is more susceptible to damage. Always use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Advertisement on shampoos and conditioners that promise healthy hair and thick always tempting. However, most of these shampoos have less positive effects, even sometimes even damage the hair. This is because the hair products contain harsh chemicals that can eliminate moisture hair, so the hair becomes dull and brittle.

Reduce the use of straightness or curling irons

It has become a trend to experiment with their looks with straightening and coloring their hair. However, experts say that if you want to have healthy hair and thick, you should limit the use of styling products. Using hair styling tools on a regular basis, can damage the hair cuticle causing frizz and rude. Worse can weaken the hair follicles and causes hair thinning.Useful Hair Care Tips

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